Profyans rakhenwyn nowydh

An BaGoKer a wrug kesoberi a-gynsow dhe gommendya an sett rakhenwyn a siw:

Rakhenwyn didhewek nowydh / New non-binary pronouns

Esel didhewek a wrug profya aga hommendya wosa keskows brav y’n gemmynieth Kernewegoryon, nans yw termyn nebes hir. Ytho, ni a gemmeras profyans unn esel an gemmynieth, dhe jevisya an ger-diskwedhes <hyn> diworth Kembrek, ha’y Gernewekhe. Kemmerys yw an furvow <ho> ha <-m> diworth dasserghyans ger a Hen Geltek Kemmyn, <esom>, a styr neppyth haval orth aga. An furv <‘gh> yw varyans kynsa lytherenn an rakhanow <hynn>, chanjys awos na yll bos kevys an lytherenn <h> yn diwedh ger.
An rakhanow ma yw egwal an term they yn Sowsnek, usys yn py testenn bynag may hwrello y leverel dhe dus dhidhewek, po heb reydh.

[A non-binary member recommended introducing these after a great discussion among the Cornish-speaking community a while ago. So, we took the suggestion of a member of the community to borrow the demonstrative hyn from Welsh, and to Cornicize it. The forms ho and -m were taken from the resurrection of a Proto-Celtic word, esom, meaning “their”, or something similar. The form ‘gh is a variation on the first letter of the pronoun hynn, though changed because it is not possible to find the letter <h> word-finally in Cornish.
This pronoun is the equivalent of the term they in English, used in any context in which one might speak to non-binary or agender people.]

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